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Agricultural Consultancy in Turkey

We help you find the best farmland and agricultural fields for your projects

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Since 2010, we have been providing farmland project set up, management, and agricultural consultancy services for local farmers and international investors

What Does An Agricultural Consulting service Do for Farmers?

CIFTCIOGLU Agricultural Consulting Services collects data and consults with farmers to help them;


  • make the right and cost-effective investment,
  • grow better and healthier crops for maximum yield,
  • navigate complex and changing environmental regulations,
  • optimize soil fertility,
  • detect and control pests and diseases,
  • inform and prevent possible upcoming risks and diseases,
  • manage the land to minimize erosion and nutrient losses,
  • report about up to date political changes related to the Agriculture industry, and
  • assist with industrial and in-field problem-solving.

Agricultural Consultant in Turkey

We provide agricultural services for your farmlands or fruit gardens.

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Farmland Planting

If you have farmland in Turkey or planning to purchase one, you might want to pick and plant the most profitable products depending on the region's characteristics.

Irrigation and Drainage

Mediterranean and west (Aegean) regions of Turkey are the most productive regions of the country. With their fertile soil quality, you can plant almost...

Agricultural consultancy in turkey | Farmland corn crops planting
Agricultural consultant in Turkey | arden set up planning and planting

Exceptional Planning and Garden set up

We will plan and set up your garden project and manage it while you are away…

Why Choose Us?

You need a reliable and professional Agricultural Consultant for your project

Excellent Service

We are an agricultural consultancy firm in Turkey, specialized in field engineering on garden maintenance, work follow-up, employee management.

Day Scheduling

We schedule regular appointments to visit your property on the same day and time of the week to ensure regular controls and project work flow

Licensed & Insured

All our works and projects are fully licensed and guaranteed for satisfaction

Free Consultations

We offer free pre-interview and interview for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote about the expenses and project costs.

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