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Farmland Project Management

We make sure that our service exceeds your expectations.

Farmland project management

We understand that your property is a big investment. You are a busy person and most likely, most of the time you will be in your own country and managing your own business. At this point, you need a loyal worker who must manage your project in your land as if you’re doing it yourself.

Why Choose Us?

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Investing in property, land, or farmland in Turkey is a very smart and wise decision. 

But knowing the right way to do it, will save you a lot of money as well as time. After you buy your first land in Turkey, you’re supposed to claim a project on that property within 2 years time period. 

As a busy investor, it might be difficult to follow all the processes yourself.

How can we help you?

With our professional team, we are ready to help you from A to Z with your new farmland. 

Searching for an appropriate land, discussing the region, climate, and plantable products is just the beginning. 

Preparing the land for planting, cleaning, setting up the irrigation systems (depending on the land), and caring for the land while you’re away. 

Frequently Asked Question

We are here to help you with almost all agriculture-related services in Turkey. Soil analysis, using the proper fertilizer and pesticides, farmland set up… Please contact us with any questions.

If there is an ongoing project or work in your farmland and it’s impossible for you to be there for real-time input, we update you with the work progress daily and weekly.  

Yes, we can. Turkey is a multi climate country and what plant you can grow in your land is completely related to the region and irrigation capacity of the area. If you have concerns or plans related to buying land in a specific region, feel free to contact us for discussion.

No. We don’t sell any property in Turkey and we are independent of any real estate firms in Turkey or have no financial connection with any of them.

After you decide on which farmland you’ll buy, we can assist you with the seller and the land, soil quality, products you can grow, possible overall operation costs to prevent any fraudulent activity you might face.

It depends. According to Turkish laws, a non-Turkish citizen can’t store lands, and he/she needs to submit a project related to the land within 2 years. That is to prevent land banking which has no value for the agricultural production of the country. 

Before you come here to complete the purchase, we discuss online the land you want to buy. We can visit the territory, investigate, and advise you on the condition of the land visually and written. Thereafter, you visit the land with your lawyer and complete the legal processes.

It depends on the size of the area and the product you want to plant. We can help you with all these processes with our own team or by working with local farmers.