Agriculture consulting - Best regions to buy farmland in Turkey

Turkey is a great country with its geographical location, climate, and rich soil quality. Today, I’ll try to explain the best regions for buying farmlands in Turkey.

If you have been planning to invest in agricultural lands in Turkey, you are on the right path. Yet, it’s time-consuming work to decide which region is the best one for a good profit and high revenue.

Best Regions For Buying Agricultural Land in Turkey

Best Regions For Buying Farmlands in Turkey

Turkey is a significant country thanks to its multi-climate and rich soil resources, namely its ‘geographical location.’ You can easily establish Orchard facilities with various product types as different climatic zones are seen and experienced in different areas of the country. It is an ideal country for investors coming from abroad.

And considering the USD/TRY exchange rates, we can assume that you’ll find the cheapest land for sale in Europe.

You can see the article that includes detailed information with its map about which fruit variety can be grown in what part of the country.

4 Regions for buying agricultural land in Turkey

We can examine the country in 4 different sections as Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia, and the Mediterranean regions in terms of agricultural farmlands. This distinction doesn’t mean that fruit cultivation cannot be done in other regions of the country, since these are the four regions with an increasing trend, where the establishment of orchards with high value-added products has successfully been achieved in recent years.

Especially in Manisa in the Aegean Region, a part of Balıkesir, and in Konya in the Central Anatolia Region, the orchard establishment has begun to be accomplished more frequently.

The advantage of these two cities, especially in the Aegean Region, in terms of climate and land prices, attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investors.

As a result, the price of the fruit gardens established in other parts of the Aegean region or the decare sales prices of areas suitable for orchard set up is much higher than the regions we mentioned earlier.

Best Regions For Buying Farmlands in Turkey

In Manisa and Balıkesir regions, orchards are established on lands allowed for agriculture, on lands with a high slope and slightly hilly areas. It is among the places where you will not have any water supply and irrigation problems.

Konya has one of the cheapest lands

Konya is another province that has rising popularity. The fact that the land prices are affordable and the lands are flat has made it a target point for investors who want to establish an orchard in such an area. Irrigation source is groundwater or state-supported irrigation resources.

In the Marmara Region, Balıkesir, Bursa and Çanakkale are the provinces that are popular in horticulture. Walnut production, one of the popular plants of recent years, is intensive in high altitudes. In the areas located at sea level, hard and pome fruit varieties are produced.

In the Mediterranean Region, intensive fruit growing activities are carried out in Adana, Alanya, and Mersin provinces. Fruit-growing in Mersin and Tarsus regions have gained momentum thanks to the favorable land prices. One of the disadvantages of these regions is that the area is mountainous and sloping.

When you decide where to buy land in Turkey and your targeted product to grow, you can find trusted ag consulting services for assistance to discuss the details.

If you have any thoughts about investing in agricultural lands in Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can assist you with the most suitable product pattern and region by sharing opinions.

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