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Category: Agriculture in turkey

History of The Tomato Fruit

The story of the tomato plant is a tale of three continents; South America, Europe, and North America. The European part of the story began
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reliable soil testing in turkey by agricultural consultant

How and Why Important is Soil Testing?

You need to take regular soil testing ad the pH level of your soil fluctuates wildly, even on a day-to-day scale. Mother Nature is constantly
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Agriculture consulting - Best regions to buy farmland in Turkey

4 Best Regions For Buying Farmlands in Turkey

Turkey is a great country with its geographical location, climate, and rich soil quality. Today, I’ll try to explain the best regions for buying farmlands
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Fruits to grow in Turkey

Which Fruits Grow In Turkey? | Turkey Fruit Growing Map

It’s essential to know which fruits grow in Turkey if you’re planning to own farmland and plant your desired products. Thanks to the climatic differences
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