Farmland prices in Turkey in 2021 - Consult your agricultural consultant before you make your decision

Planning to buy agricultural farmland in Turkey brings up the question: How much are the farmland prices in Turkey in 2021?

In recent weeks, the farmland prices spiked in the Thrace region of turkey because of the ‘Microsoft Founder Bill Gates is buying a massive amount of farmlands in the area’ news.

What I’m going to cover today has nothing to with that news, yet it’s true that there is a price increase with the farmlands, especially in western Turkey, with the decent sun, irrigation capacity, and rich soil quality.

if you want to buy agricultural farmland in turkey, you need to have enough information on where you want to invest. Consult your agricultural consultant
Farmland types in Turkey

When you buy land in Turkey, you can’t just leave it without cultivating or growing something. That was regulated by the law to prevent land banking that has no value in the agricultural industry.
As a result, purchasing farmland brings up more investment requirements with it, depending on where you buy it.
But don’t worry! You will definitely regain your investment with more of it if you care about your plants and farmland, no matter which region you choose.

What are the farmland prices in Turkey in 2021?

The price of agricultural land in Turkey varies, and it has a strong relationship with the region where you want to buy the farmland; if it has already mature, grown-up, trees, or uncultivated land and the distance to the residential areas, main roads.

As the farmland prices vary for the reasons above, I’ll try to clarify the answer in your mind with approximate price ranges, so you’ll not be surprised when you see the land price.

For instance, if you want to buy a grapevine garden in the Manisa region in the west of Turkey, the cost of 1 decare (1000 SQM / 0.98 RO) land is between $5.500 12.000, depending on the accessibility of the land and capacity of the trees.

Other varieties of fruit gardens would cost around $3.500-6000 in the same region, depending on the irrigation capacities.

If you want to buy walnut farmland in Turkey, the price of the land would be between $1700-$5000, depending on the location, whether it’s located on the highlands or an easy-access place.

Buy cheap, buy twice

On the other hand, if you plan to buy land in the Central Anatolia region, say, Konya, one decare farmland will cost around $1.100-2.200.

The biggest reason for the low farmland prices in central Anatolia is the planting variety and irrigation limitations due to the climate.

Don’t be mistaken by buying cheap farmland as soon as you see it. The operation costs might be higher than you expect, especially for setting up irrigation systems such as drilling, and overall cost might be more than the ‘more expensive per decare’ one.

farmland prices in turkey in 2021 are strongly affected by the region and irrigation capacity of the land. Talk to your Agricultural consultant before you buy it

None of the information above is intended for a financial advice but only for educational purposes. The price ranges might change anytime for any reason after this post is published.

These are the general view of farmland prices in Turkey in 2021. Finding an Agricultural consultant in Turkey for further recommendations, and to research and discussing the alternatives before making your decision might be a better idea. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or check our homepage for our services!

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