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Author: AGR. ENG. Sercan Ciftcioglu

History of The Tomato Fruit

The story of the tomato plant is a tale of three continents; South America, Europe, and North America. The European part of the story began
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advantages of drip irrigation in agriculture

Advantages of Drip Irrigation in Agriculture | No Weeding, No-Till

Weeding is the chore that gardeners dislike the most. Drip irrigation can help reduce both the number of weeds in a garden and the amount
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reliable soil testing in turkey by agricultural consultant

How and Why Important is Soil Testing?

You need to take regular soil testing ad the pH level of your soil fluctuates wildly, even on a day-to-day scale. Mother Nature is constantly
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Agriculture consulting - Best regions to buy farmland in Turkey

4 Best Regions For Buying Farmlands in Turkey

Turkey is a great country with its geographical location, climate, and rich soil quality. Today, I’ll try to explain the best regions for buying farmlands
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Farmland prices in Turkey in 2021 - Consult your agricultural consultant before you make your decision

The Farmland Prices in Turkey in 2021 | You Should Know This Before You Buy

Planning to buy agricultural farmland in Turkey brings up the question: How much are the farmland prices in Turkey in 2021? In recent weeks, the
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Fruit garden care calendar of turkey. How to care about your plants?

Pruning and Maintenance Work in Fruit Gardens in Turkey

Maintenance work in fruit gardens in Turkey is an essential process for a healthy garden and maximum yield. This includes but not limited to pruning,
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Can I buy farmland in turkey? Which country citizens can buy property in Turkey?

Are You Eligible To Buy Farmland in Turkey?

You might be asking the question, ‘can I buy farmland in Turkey’ if you plan to invest in land, a garden, or a house.  This
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Fruits to grow in Turkey

Which Fruits Grow In Turkey? | Turkey Fruit Growing Map

It’s essential to know which fruits grow in Turkey if you’re planning to own farmland and plant your desired products. Thanks to the climatic differences
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